Social Justice/Community Outreach Committee 3-Part Workshop Series

The RMACES Social Justice and Community Outreach Committee present a 3-part workshop. Each part of the workshop will build upon the previous, but each can also be attended independently.  


Part I: How Did We Get Here?

Part I begins with a history on systemic oppression and policing in marginalized communities. It is crucial to our understanding of current events to increase awareness on how policing in specific communities has shaped this country's climate over time. How is law enforcement trained to respond to a diverse array of people? How does disproportionate policing impact the quality of life for these communities and populations? What part does this play in the current climate of our country? 


Part II: Systemic Oppression & Current Events

Part II explores current events and the connection to systemic oppression. Participants and presenters will dialogue on co-responders to law enforcement and the possible role counselors' can play in changing the law enforcement response process. The discussion will open the question of if the presence of a mental health practitioner during police response can change the way in which law enforcement interact with those they encounter. 


Part III: Putting Social Justice Advocacy to Work in the Classroom and Our Communities

Part III will focus on our responsibility as counselor educators to bring social justice advocacy dialogue to our classrooms. Counselors and counselor educators have the powerful ability to act as agents of positive social change. We have an ethical responsibility to educate and train our students to be social justice advocates and culturally competent counselors. We do this in our classrooms and through our modeling as professionals in the field. Experiential activities and strategies to integrate social justice learning in the classroom will be presented. Discussion around the diverse ways we can act as advocates and engage in all our communities, those in which we work and live, will include presenters and participants.   


Presented by:

Lay-nah Blue Morris-Howe, PhD, LPC;

R. Paul Maddox II, PhD, LPC, NCC;

Andrea McGrath, PhD, LPC, LIMHP;

Rachel Ratliff, MS, PPC, NCC;

Caitlin McKnight, NCC, LPCC; and

Kody M. Roper, M.Ed., LPC (CO & WY), NCC