ACES GSR Application Information

Criteria for Appointment:

Graduate Student Representative (GSR) is a 3-year service position: designee, current, and past. The student nominee should be in the early stages of his/her counselor education doctoral program (first or second year) in order to be appointed to this position. A graduate student serving as a GSR must hold doctoral student/doctoral candidate status for at least 2 years of their service and only the final year could be served as a new faculty member or supervisor. 


Each applicant for the position of GSR-designee submits to their regional President the following materials:

1.      A cover letter providing a brief introduction, educational experiences, and previous and/or current experience with ACES

2.      A current Curriculum Vitae

3.      A statement addressing the following question: “Suppose you were selected for the GSR position, what would be different in a year service position that would show it was useful, that you were the right person to apply, and that ACES was right to have selected you?” 

4.      A 3-minute video in which applicants discuss their goals as the potential GSR.


Selection Process 

A regional leadership nomination process will take place in the fall of each year. Regional leaders are responsible for coordinating the selection process before submitting the application materials to Executive Director by March 1st . The Governing Council reviews applications for Graduate Student Representative Designee from a pool of five nominees, one from each region. At its meeting at the ACA Conference, The Governing Council recommends one applicant to the ACES President for appointment for a three-year term. In year one, the appointed graduate student serves as the Graduate Student Representative Designee (non-voting). In year two, the Graduate Student Representative is a voting member of the Governing Council and serves as Chair of the Graduate Student Committee. In year three, the individual serves as Immediate Past Graduate Student Representative (non-voting).  The position descriptions for GSR, GSR-D, and GSR-P are modeled after the position descriptions for ACES President, President-Elect, and Past-President.


To Apply:


Email your application materials to the RMACES President no later than February 15th.  The region will vet the applications and forward them to the ACES Executive Council.

Rocky Mountain ACES has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No 2071. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. RMACES is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.