Nominations Due September 10th!

We are pleased to announce the call for 2020 awards nominations for RMACES! Please review the following guidelines and procedures for submitting nominations to recognize and honor accomplishments and contributions to the Association and to the counseling profession. Awards will be announced during the 2020 RMACES Virtual Conference.


Nomination packets MUST include the following:

A.    A cover letter from the nominator that describes the achievement(s) or merit(s) of the person or organization being nominated.

B.    All nominations should include the nominee’s CV of no more than 5 pages.

C.    All nominations should include two (2) letters of support in addition to the nominator's cover letter, unless otherwise noted.

D.    Please note the Research in Counselor Education & Supervision Award will require an additional piece of documentation for the nomination packet.

Eligibility Requirements:

A.    All individuals submitting a nomination form for the RMACES awards must be an active member of ACES and RMACES on or before August 31, 2020 and remain active throughout the calendar year.

B.    All award nominees must be active members of ACES and RMACES on or before August 31, 2020 and remain active throughout the calendar year.

C.    Nominations and supporting documentation must be received by 5 PM MDT on September 10, 2020. Any incomplete nomination packets or incorrect nomination information will not be considered.


The nominator is solely responsible for making the nomination, gathering support material, and

emailing the nomination packets. The RMACES Awards Committee reserves the right to refuse to grant any award based on the selection criteria even though one or more nominations may have been made in a category. All materials submitted become the property of the RMACES Awards Committee. To provide more well-rounded representation in RMACES membership, the Awards Committee encourages members to participate in one role per year: either nominator or nominee. Please note that any submissions from the RMACES Awards Committee or the RMACES Executive Council may not qualify for consideration if other nominations have been submitted for each category.


The following will NOT be accepted: DVDs or videos, individual or separated letters, incomplete

packets, and faxed materials.


DEADLINES: The nomination packet must be received by 5 PM MDT on September 10, 2020.


Please send the entire nomination packet (i.e., nomination letter, CV, letters of support) in one file (PDF or Microsoft Word) via email attachment to Jennifer Smith, RMACES Awards Committee Chair, at You will receive email acknowledgement of submission within one week. If you have any questions about awards or nominations, please contact Jennifer Smith.


Additionally, if you are willing to serve as a state representative on the RMACES Awards Committee, please email Jennifer Smith, RMACES Awards Committee Chair, at by August 28, 2020.


We invite nominations for the following award categories.

1.     Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership Award

2.     Outstanding Teaching Award

3.     The RMACES Supervision Award

4.     Outstanding Mentor Award

5.     Research in Counselor Education & Supervision Award

6.     Multiculturalism and Social Justice Advocate Award

7.     Lifetime Achievement Award


The Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership Award honors a graduate student

who is a member of ACA, ACES, and RMACES and has provided outstanding leadership to counselor education, ACES, RMACES, and the counseling profession. Such leadership

activities are as follows:

      State, regional, or national level activities that are directly relevant to the advancement of counselor education, ACES, RMACES and the counseling profession;

      Assuming leadership positions in organizations related to counselor education and counseling;

      Scholarship (e.g., innovative research, publication activities, or professional presentations directly related to counselor education and counseling);

      Involvement in professional organizations (e.g., RMACES, ACES, Chi Sigma Iota, ACA);

      Role modeling leadership for current and future RMACES and ACES members for the sake of developing future leaders in RMACES and the counseling profession; and

      Influence, communication, and public relations within society concerning counselor education.


The Outstanding Teaching Award honors a counselor educator who exemplifies

excellence and innovation as an instructor in the classroom.  Nomination packets

must include the following:

      The nominee's updated CV (indicating courses taught); and

      Letters of support should describe the nominee's achievements with attention given to innovative teaching techniques; and dedication to encouraging critical and independent thinking.


The RMACES Supervision Award honors a counseling supervisor or supervision researcher who exemplifies excellence, innovation, and impact in clinical supervision. Candidates for this award may include counselor educators, counseling students, or practitioners who merit recognition as a clinical supervisor or supervision researcher. Nomination packets must include the following:

      If the nomination is for supervision research, the nomination also should include samples of the research (e.g., dissertation, article, outcomes, or presentation).

      In describing the nominee’s achievements, attention should be given to:

      Innovation in clinical supervision or supervision research;

      Leadership in the advancement of supervision knowledge, techniques, and theory;

      Impact of the nominee’s work.


The RMACES Outstanding Mentor Award honors an individual who has been a significant mentor to graduate counseling students, emerging counseling educators, supervisors, and counselors. Such a person assumes the role of coach, confidant, role model, and resource. Such a person exemplifies (a) Caring for others: genuine and sincere, empathic, accessible, and culturally sensitive; (b) Possessing and sharing knowledge, skills, and talents valued by protégés; (c) The ability to facilitate and support the realization of personal and career goals of those mentored; and (d) A commitment to the profession of counselor education and counseling and advocating a strong professional counselor educator/counselor identity.  Other eligibility requirements include the following:

  • Active membership in ACES and RMACES for at least three (3) years;
  • Self-nominations will not be considered.


The Research in Counselor Education & Supervision Award honors a significant research project by a member (or members) of RMACES and ACES within the past five (5) years that specifically addresses issues concerning the education and supervision of counselors.

  • Research must be in publishable form
  • Nominations must include an abstract (approximately 800 words in length) outlining the rationale, procedures (e.g., participant recruitment and selection, description of participants, instrumentation), selected research methodology and data analyses (e.g., ethnographic inquiry, Q methodology, multivariate analyses, etc.) results, and implications for further research and practice within counselor education.
  • Examples of issues addressed in the research project are:

·       Counselor and supervisee characteristics and effectiveness in the practice of counseling;

·       Appropriate and/or “effective” methods for counselor preparation, supervision, and continuing education;

·       Specific instructional and/or supervisory practices that facilitate counselor competencies and professional counselor/counselor educator identity development; and

·       Counselor educator/faculty and supervisor characteristics and effectiveness in the practice of teaching, mentoring, and supervising


The RMACES Multiculturalism and Social Justice Advocate Award acknowledges a RMACES member who has made significant contributions to broaden multiculturalism, social justice, and equity within and beyond the counseling profession. Student or professional members may be nominated for this award for exemplary contributions in multiculturalism and social justice in the counseling profession, particularly within counselor education and supervision. Reflecting a widespread systemic impact, nominees are engaged in activities specific to multiculturalism and social justice in legislation; leadership and advocacy; teaching; supervision; counseling; research and scholarship; or service. Strong consideration will be given to nominees reflecting the representation and praxis of multiculturalism, social justice, and equity for historically marginalized communities.


Award recipients must be ACES and RMACES members, as well as counselor educators and supervisors, for a minimum of 15 years to be eligible for this award. To be given for outstanding service to ACES, RMACES and/or the field of Counselor Education and Supervision as demonstrated by the following:

      Extraordinary Teaching and Academic excellence (Demonstrated through program development, student and peer evaluations, academic and administrative responsibilities to CACREP and NBCC);

      Significant publication and/or research history;

      Manifest commitment and service to ACES as evidenced by committee membership, offices held, task force involvement, advocacy, and volunteerism within the organization;

      Outstanding commitment to the advancement of Counselor Education and Supervision through the education, supervision, and mentoring of students and/or new professional counselors.