President Elect Elect

RMACES is currently seeking nominations and applications for this elected leadership position.


The Nominations and Elections Committee is soliciting the constituency in Idaho for President-Elect-Elect applications and nominations. As many of you know, the RMACES president role rotates among the six states in our region, and it is currently Idaho's turn for representation as head of our organization. A description of the role and responsibilities is included below.  


The responsibilities of RMACES President are substantial.  We are looking for an individual who embodies integrity and intentional leadership to continue the progress being made to meet the evolving needs of counselor educators and supervisors in our region and increase member involvement in meaningful initiatives.


To apply for the position, please email the following documents to Kara Hurt-Avila at by October 30th at 5pm: 

  • Current CV or resume 
  • Letter of Intent explaining interest in the position, leadership philosophy and strengths, and relevant professional experience
  • Two letters of recommendation

 Process of Election


RMACES President-Elect-Elect is an elected office in the organization. In an effort to provide greater levels of transparency in organizational operations and standardize the process by which the President-Elect-Elect is chosen, we have outlined that process below.


The Nominations and Elections Committee solicits nominations and application materials from the state constituency. Materials will be due to the RMACES President no later than 5pm on October 30th, 2020. Multiple candidates may be put forth by the state.


The Nominations and Elections Committee will review applications to ensure appropriate qualifications for the office.

A ballot of qualified candidates will be submitted to the general membership of RMACES for a vote.  The candidate with the majority of the votes will be contacted to provide final affirmation of their willingness to serve.  

The Executive Committee will release a statement to the general membership conveying the results of the election and introducing the President-Elect-Elect to the region.


Role and Responsibilities


President-Elect-Elect: This role carries fiduciary responsibilities to RMACES and encompasses service to the organization for a total of four years. This individual will serve as the President-Elect-Elect for FY 2020-2021 and will be expected to shadow the President-Elect and President throughout the year to learn about the operations of RMACES. The President-Elect-Elect will be expected to attend the Executive Committee, Executive Council, and General Business meetings throughout the year. The President may appoint this individual to special committees and assign them specific tasks. This individual will serve as President-Elect for FY 2021-2022 and will perform the functions associated with the role as outlined in the Bylaws of the organization.  Additionally, this individual will be tasked with the planning and implementation of the organization’s 2022 Conference. The President-Elect will serve on the Governing Board for the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision in non-voting capacity and will be expected to attend and actively participate in all quarterly ACES Board meetings (June, October, January, April).  This individual will serve as President for FY 2022-2023 and will perform the functions outlined in the Bylaws including but not limited to overseeing and conducting all operations of the organization. The President will serve on the Governing Board for ACES in a voting capacity during this term. This individual will transition to the advisory role of Past-President for FY 2023-2024 and will continue to serve on the organization’s Executive Committee in a non-voting capacity. Membership in RMACES and ACES is required for the duration of service in this role.