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This is the official web-page for Counselor Educators and Supervisors in the Rocky Mountain Region of ACES. 

First Annual RMACES Awards!

Here are the winners of the RMACES Awards that were presented at the ACES 2017 Conference in Chicago:


Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership Award - Elizabeth "Liz" Tolliver from the University of Northern Colorado


Lifetime Achievement Award - Dr. David Kleist from Idaho State University


Dissertation Award Winners - Renee C. Howells from Idaho State University and Kerrie Taylor from Idaho State University


Volunteer Scholars - Melissa Henry from the University of New Mexico, Jehan Hill from Idaho State University, Lauren Ireland from the University of Northern Colorado, April Johnston from Boise State University, Jesseca Manson from the University of Northern Colorado, and Rakesh Kumar Maurya from the University of Wyoming


We had a great turnout at the RMACES meeting in Chicago! Here are a few of the highlights